Our Services

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) Services

  • Trustee

The Singapore REIT market is recognised as one of the strongest in the world and we have been actively involved in its growth over the past 10 years. We have a deep understanding of the REIT market and can assist clients in meeting their listing dates on time, every time. We have a proven record of execution and delivery.

Perpetual is the leading independent provider of trustee services for Singapore REITs and we have strong expertise in the establishment and ongoing management of listed REITs. Our core business and focus is the provision of best-in-class trustee services, and our dedicated Singapore team are available to assist clients through all aspects of their business, from transactions through to regulatory compliance, ensuring a smooth and efficient running of the REIT.

Fund Services

  • Trustee
  • Custody

Perpetual is a specialist in the provision of trustee and custody services to fund and asset managers, ranging from some of the world’s largest investors and pension funds to boutique domestic fund managers. We are recognised as one of the foremost independent providers of corporate trustee services in Singapore. Our specialties include equities, property, infrastructure, agricultural assets, private equity, alternatives and cash.

Our dedicated team are here to support the day-to-day running of your trust, and are experts at navigating Singapore’s complex regulatory environment. That allows you to focus on your business.

We provide custody services for unlisted assets across a diverse range of asset classes. As custodian, we legally hold, safeguard and administer a range of assets on behalf of our clients and their investors. Our independence and expertise gives clients peace of mind, knowing their assets are in safe hands, managed and safeguarded to the very highest standards.

Debt Market Services

  • Trustee and Security Trustee
  • Facility Agent and Paying Agent
  • Administrative Agent
  • Escrow

We have been involved in the debt markets in the Asia-Pacific region since the 1980s. From debentures to various types of bonds and notes, we have a proven track record across all debt instruments. We are the prominent provider of trustee services for Singapore’s retail bond market and also act for wholesale issuers. 

Our respected escrow service provides clients with a safe and efficient means to safeguard their interests across a variety of transactions. We have acted as an escrow agent in mergers and acquisitions, project financing, private equity, capital market transactions, liquidations and workouts, court case settlements and intellectual property. 

For clients seeking a partner in all aspects of debt markets, we provide extensive experience, a strong balance sheet, an efficient process and proven industry expertise.

Company Secretary/Directorship Services


We provide a suite of independent company secretary services and directorship roles to meet our clients’ business requirements and comply with regulatory obligations. Our experienced in-house directors are expertly trained and accredited, providing a highly professional, cost-effective and efficient solution.